Innovation and technology, the sustainable design of Saib

SAIB, one of the leading Italian companies producing raw and melamine faced chipboard (MFC), has chosen to invest systematically in state-of-the-art, eco-sustainable production plants that can realize products at the highest quality levels.

The continuous production lines for the raw chipboard and the four melamine lines ensure a production of more than 2000mc / per day, which can be realized with over 300 decors and a very wide range of plates, either syncro or not.

The continuous search for new decorative products and the focus on product innovation has led to exclusive partnerships with major international companies, such as BASF – thanks to this cooperation LIGHT was developed, which is a chipboard with a specific weight less than 20% compared to standard panel- and COVERIGHT-with which SILVERBOARD was created, the first melamine panel with a naturally antibacterial 100% surface.

SAIB boasts triple ISO certification for quality, environment and safety.

All SAIB products are FSC® License Code FSC-C019776 certified.

Saib: since 1962 Italian excellence in the art of recycling

Saib was born in 1962 from the idea of Eva Bosi and her husband, Giorgio Rinaldi, to reuse the scraps of other woodworking to create an innovative and economically advantageous product compared to solid wood: chipboard.

The first chipboards confirm that Eva Bosi’s intuition was winning: the chipboard panel drastically reduced the manufacturing costs of the furniture, making it a consumable product for everyone.

After just over half a century, the chipboard panel confirms the “heart” of furniture, from the cheapest to the most valuable.

Today, SAIB is one of the leading Italian chipboard manufacturing companies: besides the raw chipboard, a wide range of new products have been introduced, following a path of technological innovation and aesthetic and functional research.


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